Forensic Engineering

Roofing Inspections

We ascertain the extent of wind, storm, or hail damage and identify any past or current roof leaks in Forensic Engineering reports and expert witness services. We determine the cause and origin of damage and assign a real-time duration based on modern scientific research. We assist in dispute resolution regarding property insurance claims, multi-family unit issues, or building purchases and can attest to building related damage in a court proceedings, if needed.

Structural Failures

Structural failures range from a compromised beam, spalling concrete, vehicle impacts, or partial to total collapses. Our Forensic Engineers utilize modern scientific methodology to analyze failures and determine the precise cause and origin of failures. Our unyielding commitment to public safety enables us sort through evidence, diligently uncover underlying sources, contributing conditions, and implement practical repair solutions.

Plumbing Losses

A variety of issues with potable water supply and sanitary waste pipes may arise in the built environment. Hidden water leaks may introduce unwanted moisture into a building. Leaks can potentially occur within concealed walls, ceilings, or floors and damage interior finishes. Our expert Engineering knowledge of the built environment enables us to determine when the residence was constructed and identify previous or current leaks from the specific construction methods and materials utilized.